ECREA 2014

ECREA 2014The first speaker of the "Practices in journalism: understanding the newsroom" was Line Hassal from Aarhus University in Denmark. Line's presentation was titled "It's like a family".

ECREA 2014Mike Berry, from Cardiff University, tried to show the causes of deficit and the collapse tax revenues. The research reported in his presentation was two strands.

ECREA 2014The keynote speaker Tristan Mattelart talked passionately on his views about the theme of empowerment and the suspicions he has towards it. Mattelart considers the theme has been vaguely appropriated by media studies since the nineties in relation with web 2.0 discourses and should be regarded very carefully due to its ambivalent nature.

14/11/2014 - 17:37

Plenary Session II

ECREA 2014The second plenary session of the ECREA conference joined Kirsten Drotner and Diogo Pires de Aurélio. Kirsten from the University of Southern Denmark drawn a broad map of the under achievements, the future opportunities and the blind spots in terms of funding for Communication studies, encouraging researchers and scholars to recreate ECREA.

ECREA 2014On the second day of ECREA 2014 conference, the keynote speaker Kristen Drotner from Southern University Denmark (SDU) says the field of media and communications studies already has excellence and impact in policies and society at large. What we need is to better document our research.

ECREA 2014Registration for Portuguese cinema session at Cinemateca and SIC TV studios tour closes at 4.30pm.

WineVideo - Wine tasting during poster session @ecrea2014

ECREA 2014Maria Karidi, from the University of Munich, opened the parallel section of Political Communication, entitled “Media Logic and the Power of News”, moderated by Jasper Strömbäck. She presented a research with her colleague Michael Meyen about the evolution of the German media, entitled “Mass media logic on the Shift – A Chronological Analysis of German newspapers”. Their research was based on the collection of several publications and the analysis of its characteristics.

ECREA 2014Christian Christensen, from Stockholm University and Danielle Raeijmaekers, from University of Antwerp, focused their presentations on investigative journalism. The first one talked about WikiLeaks and Anonymous and the second one talked about Watchdogs.

14/11/2014 - 12:59

Television Studies

ECREA 2014In the first parallel session of Television Studies the subject was the new perspectives on TV Drama Series. Anne Waade talked about the importance of location in TV drama series, using the Scandinavian crime series and the Danish drama series as examples to support the argument. Anne suggested the start of location studies, for improve the television studies analysis and also to better understand the relation between TV drama series and society.

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