ECREA 2014

ECREA 2014"What people do with news?", it was with this issue that Irene Meijer, from VU University Amsterdam, began her presentation.  This was the starting point for her the conducted between the years 2004-2014 and that contained simple factors of everyday readers. This study is about the new practices of readers, viewers and listeners. The main factors analyzed were reading, viewing, listening and watching, for example, checking.

ECREA 2014From the University of London and the Autonomous University of Querétaro, Veronica Barassi and Emiliano Treré, were  the first speakers presenting a paper entitle “New media and online activism”, in wich they analysed the party "5 star movement" that emerged on 2013, in Italy.

ECREA 2014Video - Lunch time @ecrea2014

14/11/2014 - 10:42

Networking time @ecrea2014

ECREA 2014Video - Networking time @ecrea2014

14/11/2014 - 10:17

Poster session @ecrea2014

ECREA 2014Video - Poster session @ecrea2014

ECREA 2014The Special Panel about women’s network was mainly focused in gender inequality. Tulay Atay-Avsar from Turkey talked about the evolution of gender inequality in Turkey Academia, stating that in comparison with European women, the Turkish women have a higher education but cannot achieve high career jobs, like a dean or a rector in a university.

ECREA 2014Camilla Haavisto from University of Helsinki started her presentation with: "Join forces, surprise and attack". She talked mostly about communication strategies of some anti-racist NGOs located in Helsinki or Malmo. "Information-War" is one of the examples Camilla talks about, the activists in Malmo where they "call journalists all the time to get their attention.

13/11/2014 - 19:36

Political Communication

ECREA 2014At the parallel section of Political Communication on the “Political Distrust and the Role of Communication”, moderated by David Hopmann, Christer Clerwall, from Karlstad University, presented results from a research conducted along with Lars Nord, from the Mid Sweden University and Michael Karlsson, also from Karlstad University, about “Public Trust and Journalistic Transparency”.

ECREA 2014Henrik Bodker, from Aarhus University, was the first to speak in the session on Jounalism and Social Media.His presentation was about the hybrid commentary filter on social networks.

Book of AbstractsBook of abstracts is already available for download.

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