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Journalism - Case studies: Facebook use, travel journalists, local news and young audiences

The parallel session of journalism studies was about "case studies: Facebook use, travel journalists, local news and young audiences".

Liesbeth Hermans and Ciska Rouw, from Radboud University, talked about news for youth people and citizenship. They explained that citizenship refers to the ways people are involved in society and that it is the involvement level what really motivates youth people to seek for news and to participate. The speakers explained that young people are mostly interested in current affairs, and that they use this kind of news for “mood regulations such as for amusement and relaxation”. They also seek the news to feel more involved in the world and in society.The starting point of Emilia Ljungberg from Lund University in Sweden was “The role of journalists in travel blogs”.

She started her presentation with an example of a swedish travel magazine that has a column in their website about several professional bloggers. Her point was to show how travel magazines use these bloggers to write articles for their website. Emilia said that this is a transformation from "the consumer to a producer".She also said that travel magazines have became lifestyle magazines. Emilia gave the example of a Swedish magazine and presented a cover from 1994 and other from current times and explained that this transformation occurred because people are looking for more relaxing lifestyle news than real travel articles.

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