15/11/2014 - 20:06

Journalism studies- participatory news, citizen journalist, and user-generated content

Daniel and Einar, from Bournenmouth University, talked about "citizen journalism for empowerment: moving in from the margins?". They talked about the citizen as a journalist and about a website platform that gives the voice to the citizens as journalists, which was created in 2013.

Lisette Johnston, from City University, talked about “UGC in the Newsroom: How BBC journalist’s engagement with internet activists has altered newsroom practices”.Her research started in March 2011, by the time that the Arab spring happened and ended in March 2014. Her study focused on the Syria civil war. She talked about a “media blackout" that was felt at the begining of the war and how that reinforced the production of UGC – User Generated Content, which became an important tool to help BBC newsroom and guided “BBC journalists to engage with a new type of correspondent”. Lisette research shows how UGC – User Generated Content- “became an important tool to help BBC newsroom”.

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