15/11/2014 - 20:10

Plenary section III

At the Plenary section III, Kees Brants, from the University of Amsterdam, spoke about his research entitled “Beyond Media Logic”, based on the Netherlands elections. Brants spoke about the predominance of media logic rather than the logic of the public and explained that the mediatization of society inverted the chain of power between politics and journalists, putting journalists in a position of force regarding politics. Because of that change of power, the politician’s speech changed considerably, satisfying the journalists.

Christian Fuchs, from the University of Westminster, spoke about his 4 point research entitled “Power and Communication in Contemporary Capitalism” about the dialectical philosophy of Karl Marx, its relation with the capitalist accommodation and corporative control and secret service usage of social media. After showing a photograph of Henry Jenkins with a Muppet related with his work, Fuchs showed a Muppet of Karl Marx, his research subject. Concluding his presentation, Fuchs affirmed “we need an alternative to capitalism, another way of communism”.



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