15/11/2014 - 19:59

Radio Research - Technologies

This session on 'Radio Research' about Technologies started with the presentation from Sílvio Santos, from CIMJ, UC in portugal, about online radio for empowerment of young audiences. His project, Radioactive Europe ( has as main objective to promote the social and technological inclusion.

As they mentioned, the first step for the elaboration of this project was some focus group discussions and data collected from direct observation, which allowed them to further explore the needs within this area and create a project that meets those needs. Now they are implemented in two schools in Porto and one in Coimbra.

Belén Monclús, from University of Barcelona, talked about the implementation strategies of radio apps in the Spanish market. Her goal was to show the contrast discourse of "higher charger" in the main Spanish radio station (National Radio in Spain and the Catalunya Radio), comparing what the radio says and what they really do. Final conclusions showed that the app is mostly used for listener’s services.

Madalena Oliveira, from University of Minho, presented the final results of her project about embedded radio, including new devices and new practices. The increase vanishing of the radio resulted in the creation of new spaces and new practices. Her goal was to explore the ways that people interact with this new functioning. The final results showed that there is a strong reliability on the internet radio stations according to what people used to hear in the FM radio.  This results evidence a complementarity between online radio and FM radio.



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