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Television Studies – TV and Innovation

At the parallel section of “Television Studies” about TV and Innovation, conducted by Elke Weissman, Marleen te Walvaart, from the University of Antwerp, presented her paper entitled “Representation of Different Cultural Voices”. Her study was about the ways to voice different cultures and show alternative imagined worlds, by analysing the Dutch news channel “Metropolis”.

Lars Lundgren, from the Södertörn University, presented his research entitled “(Un)Familiar Spaces of Television Production” - a  broadcasting techniquescomparison between totalitarian and western countries, specially focusing on the BBC and Soviet news channels.

Kenneth Reinecke Hansen, from the University of Southern Denmark, presented his paper about the “Return of Talk Heads”, regarding the increasing usage of “Talk heads” in Danish news broadcasting and its influence on the solution for TV crisis, saying it “is just radio with pictures”.

Vivi Theodoropoulou, from the Cyprus University of Technology, presented her paper entitled “Digital… But still TV”, regarding the digital broadcasting, the changes it brought and the effects of easier access to interactive services.

Lastly, Anett Göritz and Lothar Mikos, from the Film and Television University “Konrad Wolf”, presented their research entitled “Watching TV in the Future”, regarding the technological advances and the changes on users' behavior, caused by Video-on-Demand, Digital TV, and the larger list of options offered the new TV sets.

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